What do spas mean?

Safety Performance Analysis System Special Purpose Assault Shotgun SPART - SPARTA - SPARTAC - SPARTACUS - SPARTAN - SPASAI - SPASS - SPASS - SPASS. The meaning of the definition of SPAS is Automatic Special Purpose Shotgun. The various charger extension tubes of the LAW-12 and SAS-12 were never designed to be interchangeable with the SPAS-12, as this would cause problems with changing the gas selector switch from automatic action to pumping on the SPAS-12 model. The SPAS-12 was designed to work mainly in semi-automatic mode, with the pumping mode used to reliably fire low-pressure ammunition, such as tear gas cartridges or less lethal bean bags.

The appearance and intended purpose of the SPAS-12 initially led to its military designation as a combat shotgun. The SPAS-12 was designed from the ground up as a rugged military shotgun, and was called the Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun. Note The Law 12 gas pistons were designed in two pieces, unlike the one-piece design of the SPAS-12, they are not interchangeable. The September 1994 ban on assault weapons caused American Arms to stop the import of SPAS-12 with significant sales losses due to legal restrictions invoked by the U.

Franchi is known to have developed a third type of security, a pistol grip similar to the SPAS-15 developed later, developed by Franchi for the SPAS-12, however, pistol grip safety was not put on sale to the general public. The SPAS-12 has a magazine cut-off function, which prevents the magazine from releasing a new cartridge when the action cycle is performed. The first version of the SPAS-12 made with a removable wooden stock with a standard handle. The SPAS-12 was sold to military and police users around the world, as well as in the civilian market, and has been featured in many movies, TV shows and video games.

The LAW-12 models were more common in police sales as an alternative to the more expensive SPAS-12 for departments across the United States. Following the federal ban on assault weapons by the United States, the import of SPAS-12 shotguns into the United States was stopped. After the United States imposed import restrictions on SPAS-12 in 1989, a version with synthetic hollow fixed material and a capacity of six bushings was released in 1990 to comply with federal regulations for sports purposes.

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