What can I expect from a spa day?

You can take a dip in the pool, detox in the sauna, relax in the relaxation room or make your heart beat in the gym*, it's entirely up to you. You may be able to book additional spa treatments for later in the day, depending on staff and room availability. In addition, most spas offer salt glitters, mud baths, body wraps, manicures, pedicures and more. Because the treatment menu varies from facility to facility, it's imperative to find out what a visitor is looking for to guide the spa experience.

Did you know that your natural production of antioxidants starts to decline at age 20? Body treatments are like a facial treatment for the body. They leave the skin soft and silky. It is as important to clean, exfoliate and moisturize the skin of the body as it is the skin of the face. If this is your first treatment, you can expect the therapist to give you an idea of what you can expect, as well as an opportunity to ask any questions or mention any injuries you may have.

Carrying a spa bag with your swimsuit, maybe a change of clothes, sandals, your favorite book, sunglasses and sunscreen will make your day more comfortable and relaxing, and that's the goal. My Spa Pass was created to reward loyalty and make luxury wellness more affordable all year round for everyone. Depending on the spa and treatment you are looking for, there are a variety of things you can bring to the facilities. Visiting a spa is the ultimate luxury, and if you haven't visited one before, you're definitely looking forward to the experience.

If you're not sure about something before you go to your spa day, the best thing to do is to call by phone and ask for more information. Once you have finished your spa treatment, the therapist will escort you out of the treatment room and take you back to the waiting room or to the rest of the center. Waiting rooms, or meditation rooms, are part of the spa experience and help you relax before starting your treatment. Once you've arrived in plenty of time, settle into your spa day by taking a quick shower before going to the spa, which will help you feel clean and refreshed as you begin your treatments.

Fortunately, the spas offer robes, changing rooms, full towels, and a respectable staff. Regardless of the treatment, you will notice that your mind immediately starts to feel calm the moment you enter the spa. There are also alternative health spas that specialize in acupuncture, CBD, meditation techniques, holistic scrubs, and herbal remedies. Dermalogica, the spa favorites, offer a wide range of incredible products that have made them named the number one choice of skincare professionals worldwide.

Here, you can enjoy everything the spa has to offer before your next treatment, or you can visit the reception to book more treatments, if available. Gratuities are usually included in the price of a service at destination spas and some resorts; be sure to check it out when you schedule your appointment. There will be many other people visiting the spa on the same day as you, so it's important to respect those around you.

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