The Booming Spa Industry in the US: An Expert's Perspective

The spa industry in the US is booming, with a current worth of more than $19 billion. The International Spa Association (ISPA) states that the industry continues to experience steady growth with increases in overall revenue, locations, number of spa visits and revenue per visit. Spa visits increased to 190 million, a gain of 1.6%, and the number of spas was 22,160, an increase of 1.8%. The spa industry now employs 377,900 people, including 172,000 full-time, 178,500 part-time and 27,400 contract workers.

Global wellness statistics show that out of 49% of users, 45% own a fitness band. This shows that wearable devices are primarily purchased for their health and fitness tracking functions, rather than for other purposes. With the right technology tools, spas can improve productivity, reduce inefficiencies, increase revenue and deliver better customer experiences from start to finish. Sedentary lifestyles, rapid urbanization and hectic schedules of working professionals have increased the preference for therapeutic spas to relieve anxiety and stress.

Technology helps your team and your customers focus on the true jewel of the spa experience, rather than getting stuck in the process. With the increasing popularity of wellness among ordinary people, many spa vendors in Europe have developed a wide range of services to promote healthy living. The booming hospitality industry and the growing popularity of traditional spas such as Thai massage and Ayurveda in the region would continue to drive the market. As a result, spas that include personalized, better and super premium capabilities through various spa services and treatments are gaining momentum. Hotels with their own spas are another good example of a holistic approach to health; experiences that take the whole human being into account will become increasingly attractive to consumers as society continues to make leaps and bounds towards normality. The growing trend of digitization in spa services is increasing competition among players and also presents opportunities for new market participants. Factors such as the increase in the female population and anti-aging spa treatments would add a significant number of potential customers to the spa industry during the forecast period.

Statistics from the spa industry demonstrate that steady increase year after year, but they also show how the global COVID-19 pandemic caused a sudden and dramatic drop.

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