Can a Dentist Own a Medical Spa in Florida?

Since a dentist is not a licensed doctor, they cannot act as the medical director of a medical spa in most states. However, in Florida, anyone, including a dentist, can own a medical spa. Many entrepreneurs and non-medical health professionals see an opportunity in the property of a medical spa, but they are not sure how to proceed. The services provided by medical spas are considered medical according to the legal doctrine known as “corporate practice of medicine”.

This means that only companies and individuals with medical records and certifications can receive payment for medical services. Management fees cannot be a percentage of medical office bills, and a fixed fee structure is ideal. For trained nurses and dentists, they already have the skills and education to offer their services comfortably in the spa. To own a medical spa, you must observe the corporate practice of the doctrine of medicine.

MSOs are protected from any claims that may arise from medical malpractice or other liability on the part of the doctor or the corporation owned by the doctor. You won't have to deal with things like medical billers or hire staff to verify insurance benefits or other additional administrative needs. Since most treatments at medical spas involve offering aesthetic and skin health services, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with top-notch services and foster excellent relationships with them. Procedures you can expect at a medical spa include non-invasive treatments such as Botox injections and spa treatments such as massages and body scrubs.

In addition to all the necessary qualifications, you must comply with the regulations set by the board of physicians to start and operate a spa. AmSpa members receive access to legal summaries of the laws governing medical spas in their state, access to an exclusive medical spa insurance program, and many other benefits. It aims to provide an experience you would get in a day spa along with non-surgical medical services and anti-aging treatments. In addition to a medical license, you must comply with the rules and regulations of the salon and spa, and hire qualified cosmetologists with appropriate licenses for procedures.

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